Alloy Guitars’ Services for Guitar Builders……

Our experience as a white label manufacturer and leader in Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M) has allowed us to dial in our processes, leading to the high level of production we are capable of today.

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Whether you have been running your own shop for years and just need a hand filling orders, or you are looking to create the American made guitar you’ve dreamed of, Alloy Guitars can take care of the details and let you focus your time and attention where you need it most.

Ready-to-build Components

We might already have what you are looking for!

We have a whole line of products meant to save you time. We carry everything from hardware, electronics & blanks, to roughed blanks, shaped blanks, un-sanded bodies, and even complete parts liked inlayed fretboards.


We can produce anything from blanks and roughed parts to complete bodies and necks and even hardware (pickguards, covers, knobs). Whether your are looking for parts straight off the CNC, or full production of your custom bodies and necks, we can get it done.

  • Design your CNC files
  • Source Parts and Woods
  • Rough & Shape Blanks
  • Build Bodies & Necks

Luthier Services

Luthiers! Let us do the work!

Do you have jobs that are too large or too cumbersome for your shop? Let us do the work for you. Skilled design and CAD expertise, rapid prototyping with precision CNC Milling and skilled handwork. We’ve got you covered.

Our Luthiers are excellent craftsman and we have extensive experience doing a wide variety of design and manufacturing. We can produce almost anything you want. Contact us today to discuss your project.

  • Save yourself time and labor.
  • No need to invest in expensive tools or machinery
  • Get CNC precision without learning to program
  • Get your orders out faster.
  • Outsource Jobs that you simply don’t want to do
  • Truly & Honestly American made