Luthiers! Let us do the work!

Do you have jobs that are too large or too cumbersome for your shop? Let us do the work for you. Skilled design and CAD expertise, rapid prototyping with precision CNC Milling and skilled handwork. We’ve got you covered.

Our Luthiers are excellent craftsman and we have extensive experience doing a wide variety of design and manufacturing. We can produce almost anything you want. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Necks, Fretboards, Headplates, Inlays

Shaping, slotting, radiusing, fretting, binding, inlay routing, inlay cutting and installation. We’ll do whatever you need.


Your designs with a wide variety of materials.


From unsanded to fully ready for finishing. Tell us what level of service you need.


We can machine your jigs from HPDE and other materials. We regularly create vacuum fixtures as well.

Setup and Assembly

Want someone to do parts installation, neck adjustments, fret work, or electronics assembly? Just ask.

Parts and Materials Sourcing

We buy many materials in bulk and stock a wide selection. This includes tone woods, hardware (including Gotoh, Wilkinson, and Hipshot tuners, bridges, plates), electronics (including CTS and Switchcraft, Orange Drop), pickups (Wilkinson and Fralin), strings from GHS, pickguards (both standard and custom shapes in a wide variety of materials). You get the idea.