3A Flame Quarter-Sawn Maple J-Style Bass Neck Kit w/ Carbon Rods

3A Flame Quarter-Sawn Maple J-Style Bass Neck Kit w/ Carbon Rods


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Save yourself hours of work! Our precision routed neck blanks are ready for glue up! This 3A Flame Quarter-Sawn Maple neck kit for J-style bass necks is a 34″ scale bolt-on electric bass neck shaft that measures 38mm wide at the nut and 63mm at the heel with a minimum thickness of 0.75″. Matched with a slotted fingerboard to help you create the bass guitar neck you have always dreamed of!

Our shaped neck blanks are shaped on the CNC and have some tooling and machine marks that require final sanding and shaping by the end user

*This is a Scratch and Dent item: the truss rod channel is 1/16″ deeper than our spec.


3A Flame Quarter Sawn Maple Neck Blank:

  • Standard J-style bass heel
  • Alloy headstock shape
  • 38mm nut width
  • Standard dual action trussrod with adjustment at heel
  • Two Carbon stiffening rods
  • 17.5mm tuner holes


3A Flame Quarter Sawn Maple Fingerboard:

  • 21 fret
  • 8mm fret marker routs
Neck Specifications
Neck Type J-Style Neck
Neck Shaft Wood 3A Flame Maple
Fingerboard Wood 3A Flame Maple
Right / Left Right Handed
Neck Profile Slim C
Nut None
Nut Width 38mm
Fingerboard Radius 12
Number of Frets 21
Fret Type None
Hidden Fret Kerfs No
Truss Rod Dual Action Heel Adjust
Neck Binding None
Inlay Shape Dots
Inlay Materials None
Tuner Holes 17.5mm/15.0mm
Neck Scale 34
Neck Mounting Holes None
Neck Weight 3
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