African Mahogany Guitar Body Blank

African Mahogany Guitar Body Blank


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Mahogany guitar body blank

These high quality guitar body blanks are great for routing your own design.

  • Minimum dimensions: 18″ x 14″ x 1.75″
  • Planned flat, rough sanded.
  • 2 piece blanks have the joint in the center.

Mahogany is a wood that became popular primarily in the electric guitar world due to being used on Gibson guitars since the 1950s. (It is also used heavily in acoustic instruments.)

There are many species of tree that are called “mahogany” (some accurately, some not so much). Typically, in guitar construction, mahogany means Central American Honduran mahogany or African mahogany.

Mahogany is a dense, medium weight wood that yields a wide range of guitar body weights, depending upon the source of the wood. Medium brown in color with a red or orange hue, this mid weight wood has a mild grain pattern that looks great with many transparent finishes.

Mahogany’s tone is warm and a bit soft, but overall is well balanced. There is usually good depth to the sound, with full but not especially tight lows, and appealing if unpronounced highs. Its tone is thick and concentrated with a forceful midrange.

Mahogany is a classic ingredient in slab, carved top, and laminated bodies. It is also a common neck wood (see below). Mahogany is used in single-wood bodies, too. Gibson Les Paul Jr., Les Paul Special, and SG were made of solid mahogany, and guitar builders have used the wood in many solid and semi-solid designs over the years.

Mahogany with Maple. This is the most popular laminated or carved-top body type. Adding a maple top to a solid mahogany back yields a guitar body that exhibits many of the best tonal properties of both woods. The mahogany and maple body is rich, warm, and resonant with mahogany’s lows and good sustain, augmented by the maple top’s clarity and definition.

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