Black Limba Guitar Body Blank


Black Limba Guitar Body Blank


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Black Limba (Korina) guitar body blank.

These high quality guitar body blanks are great for routing your own design. The grain patterns on these black Limba blanks are insane!

  • Dimensions: See below
  • Weights: See below
  • Planned flat, rough sanded.
  • 2 piece blanks have the joint in the center.
  • Some pin knots are present (this is totally normal – and basically unavoidable – for Limba)
Blank Size Weight lb/BF
A 19 7/8″ x 16″ x 1.8″ 10.6 lbs 2.67 lb / BF
B 19 7/8″ x 15 3/4″ x 1.8″ 8.8 2.24 lb / BF

Limba (or Korina, Latin name Terminalia superba) has heartwood that is a yellow to golden brown, with grey to black streaks and veins. Wood with dark figuring is referred to as Black Limba, while more plain wood is called White Limba. Sapwood is a pale grey to yellow brown. The coloration of limba tends to darken over time.

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