Gotoh SG381 MG Locking Tuners

Gotoh SG381 MG Locking Tuners


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Gotoh’s SG381 MG Tuners.

Gear Ratio 1:16

Button Style: 07

Locking with Gotoh’s Magnum post-type locking mechanism

Single “MG” post height for all 6 tuners (please see drawing)

These are excellent quality tuners at a fantastic price. These tuners come straight from the Gotoh factory in Japan. They are packaged for OEM – meaning that they do not come in pretty boxes – saving you a bit of money and wasting a bit less paper and plastic in packaging!

The GOTOH Magnum Lock uses string tuning tension for its locking mechanism. Unlike other regular locking pegs, it doesn’t overly press the strings, which means there’s no fear of strings breaking due to excessive lock. This system avoids the out-of-tune caused by slack of string wounding on string post, once tremolo arm down play. On the New Magnum Lock the string holes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings, now have a more suitable diameter (1.2mm) thus realizing a more positive string-lock, and improved tuning stability than ever before.

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