S-Style Routed Body Blank – 2-piece Honduran Mahogany

S-Style Routed Body Blank – 2-piece Honduran Mahogany







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Why limit your imagination? Create the custom guitar body you have always dreamed of!

Our routed body blanks are CNC routed to precise specifications in our shop in Portland, Oregon. Using pre-routed blanks lets you build from an un-cut body blank with the assurance that all the other components will line up. Making the process of taking the blank from a pre-routed slab, to the design you’ve always wanted, as easy as possible. We’ve taken some of the hardest parts of guitar building and taken care of them for you. Routing out classic bridge, neck, pickup and control options, saving you time, frustration and tool cost. Even beginning builders without their own shop can be confident that the final product will line up the way it should. Pair it with one our custom guitar necks, DIY neck kits or routed neck blanks to create your own one-of-a-kind guitar that you can show off with pride. We also have routed blank kits available; they come with a pre-routed slab, un-cut body and DIY guitar neck already paired for you.

14.75″ x 20.25″ x 1.8″

9.4 lbs

Routed for standard tremolo, S-S-S pickup routing and S-Style neck pocket. You drill the bridge screws

Body Specifications
Body Type S-style
Body Construction Solid Body
Right/Left Right
Base Wood 2-piece Honduran Mahogany
Laminate Top Wood N/A
Laminate Top Wood Grade N/A
Neck Pocket S-Style
Control Route No Control Route
Pickup Routes S-S-S
Bridge Route Tremolo
Input Jack None
Heel Contour No Heel Contour
Elbow Carve No
Tummy Carve No
Binding None
Top Finish None
Rear Finish None
Scale 25 1/2
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