Swamp Ash T-Style Guitar Builder’s Apprentice Kit


Swamp Ash T-Style Guitar Builder’s Apprentice Kit




Our Guitar Builder’s Apprentice Kits are composed of high quality American made CNC guitar parts. They are perfect for hobbyists looking to practice their guitar tech & luthiery skills, or full time builders looking to grow their guitar business and fill orders faster. We’ve taken the same CNC roughed stock that we use for our custom guitar bodies and necks and left the final sanding and assembly for you. All of our parts are made to exacting specifications and made to fit without issue. Leaving you with as little work as possible while saving you labor & tools costs.

Your T-Style Guitar Builders Apprentice Kit includes:


2 or 3-Piece Lightweight Swamp Ash Body

  • Average weight of 2 -2.5lbs per board foot


Routed for:

  • Single coil pickup in the neck position,
  • Vintage T-style bridge and bridge pickup,
  • String through holes with 8mm ferrules,
  • Standard T-style control cavity (requires drilling for wire channel and output jack)
  • T-style neck pocket


Quarter Sawn Maple Neck Shaft

  • Cut from quarter sawn Maple for added stability
  • Round-back neck profile
  • Pre-routed for headstock access truss rod
  • 56mm T-style heel
  • Paddle headstock with in-line vintage tuner holes
  • Includes: two-way truss rod

Our shaped neck blanks are shaped on the CNC and have some tooling and machine marks that require final sanding and shaping by the end user

Maple Fingerboard

  • Your choice of 21 or 22 frets
  • 9.5″ radius
  • 43mm nut width
  • Routed for 6mm dot inlay
  • Includes: black plastic dot inlay & side dot material and JESCAR 47104 Silver/Nickel fretwire that has been radiused and cut.


These kits are unsanded, they may have light machine marks. They require final sanding before any finish can be applied.

This is a stock item. You will not receive the one pictured but one of the same great quality.

The specific combination of body pieces and handedness may not be in-stock at the time of purchase and could take up to a week to fulfill.

The process of building our kit guitars and basses is straight forward and requires little experience in woodworking or in instrument building. The entire instrument can be assembled with a few simple tools. Setting the instrument up for your playing style is also straightforward. We will guide you though the basic process in our instruction manual. For more complex or particular setup requirements, we suggest that you work with a professional for setup - just as you would with any instrument that you purchase.

Tools needed for assembly:

  • Philips #1 and #2 screwdrivers
  • wire clippers (to trim strings)
  • string radius gauge (we provide one with the kit)

The process of finishing the instrument can be very simple or very complex. See our guitar finishing pages for some pointers. You will need:

  • 200+ grit sandpaper or sanding blocks
  • finish of your choice

Full specification can be found on the following pages:

We offer several options to allow you to tailor your guitar to your guitar building experience and your goals for your instrument, depending on the exact kit model:

  • Pickups: All of our instruments come with good basic pickups. We offer you options to change these pickups for several optional pickup sets. Note that these optional pickups will not come pre-wired/soldered. Soldering of these pickups will be required.
  • Wiring: If you chose the optional snap together wiring, then all of our instruments come pre-wired and pre-soldered, so that you can assemble the instrument without needing to do any soldering. You simply snap a few connectors together to complete the electrical connections before you screw down the pickguard, control panel, and output jack plate. This is detailed on the guitar kit wiring and hole drilling description page. If you would prefer to not have your kit pre-wired and pre-soldered, please let us know.
  • Drilling: If you so choose, then every guitar kit comes with some holes pre-drilled for you. However, we offer you the option to not have some holes drilled at the factory. This is detailed on the guitar kit wiring and hole drilling description page.
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