Unsanded 2-Piece Alder JM-Style Guitar Body

Unsanded 2-Piece Alder JM-Style Guitar Body


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2-piece Alder JM-Style

P-90 pickup routing with vintage JM control and tremolo rout. (including pilot holes).

This body is currently unsanded. There are machine marks left from the CNC process. Sanding is required.

Made in the USA in our shop in Portland, Oregon!

Body Specifications
Body Type JM-style
Body Construction Solid Body
Right/Left Right
Base Wood Alder
Base Wood Grade 2A
Laminate Top Wood N/A
Laminate Top Wood Grade N/A
Neck Pocket JM-Style
Control Route Top Control Route
Input Jack Top Route JM
Heel Contour No Heel Contour
Elbow Carve No
Tummy Carve No
Binding None
Top Finish None
Rear Finish None
Scale 25 1/2
Weight 4.2 lbs
Body SKU 1044
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