Pre-slotted Quarter-Sawn Maple S-Style Guitar Neck with Maple Fretboard

Pre-Slotted, Unfretted Necks

These pre-assembled DIY guitar necks with slotted fingerboards give you full control of the fretwork on your guitar neck! We pride ourselves on quality fret setting, beveling and leveling; leaving our customers to do little more than a final fret dressing. However, fretwire comes in various widths, heights, & materials from different manufacturers. While we can’t offer every choice of fret on the market, we can leave our necks unfretted, offering the choice to fret our high quality necks yourself! Have a busy repair or custom shop? Pre-slotted guitar necks let your customers chose the fretwire that gives them that ultimate feeling while saving you HOURS of work or weeks of wait time. Our unfretted necks are also perfect for the DIY hobbyists looking to take their builds to the next level.

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