Our fret installation process is exacting. Fret kerfs are cut precisely to match the requirements of our frets. Installation is done carefully and precisely.

(Coming soon: photos of our fretting process!)

Fret edges are beveled and filed smooth for your playing comfort.

(Coming soon: photos of fret beveling and end filing!)

Our necks should require no additional fretwork to be fully and comfortably playable. We do not do fret leveling and dressing after construction. Rather, we believe that it is better to finish, install, set up and play the new neck for a bit before contemplating heavy fret work so that the organic elements of the instrument have time to settle. Wood moves, based on temperature, humidity, finishing, string tension, etc. Doing fretwork before these things have settled out would potentially be a waste of time and money.

Be sure to check out our optional hidden fret kerfs!