All of our S-styled electric guitar kits go together well and play great. The table below shows you all of the specifications for the Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum models.

Basic S-styled Guitar Kit
From $149
Silver S-styled Guitar Kit
From $199

Gold S-styled Guitar Kit
From $289

Platinum S-styled Guitar Kit
From $499

Body Ash, multiple pieces Alder, 2 pieces
Shape and Carving Traditional shape, forearm and belly curves
Neck Type Maple with maple fretboard Maple with Rosewood fretboard.
Pro-level fret work out of the box
Neck Profile Classic 60’s style oval
21.5mm thick at first fret
43.1mm wide at first fret
Fretboard Profile 9.5″ Radius 12″ Radius
Frets 22
Fret Gauge Medium
Nut Standard nut Bone nut, slotted and shaped
Nut Width 42mm
Bridge Basic tremolo Upgraded tremolo:
Wilkinson WV6SBCR
Upgraded tremolo:
Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG
Bridge Mount Vintage 6 screw mount
String Spacing 10.8mm
Pickups 3 x basic single coils 3 x upgraded single coils
Wilkinson MWVS
3 x upgraded single coils
Powered by Lace
Staggered top, Alnico-V magnets
Pickup Options Various optional pickups available. Please see product pages.
(Note that optional pickups will not come pre-wired; soldering will be required)
Controls Standard Control Style
5 way switch, 1 volume, 2 tone controls
Electronics Basic Upgraded Upgraded, including CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor in tone circuit
Output Jack Standard Chrome Output Jack and Plate
Pickguard 3-Ply White with Black binding
Tuning Machines Basic non-locking tuning machines Gotoh SG381 non-locking tuning machines Gotoh SG381 MG
High quality locking tuning machines
Improved tuning stability over basic
Gotoh SG381 MG-T
High Quality Locking tuning machines
Staggered tuner height for further improved tuning stability
Locking Tuners? No Yes
Tuning Gear Ratio 1:16 tuner gear ratio
Strings Strings Included Major name brand Nickel-Plated Steel Strings
String Gauges 010-013-017-026-036-046
Sanding Well-sanded. May need touch up sanding only before finishing.
Finish Options Great for Paint Paint or natural finishes Beautiful wood, beautiful craftsmanship.
Great for natural or sunburst patterns
Assembly process and Instructions (Optional) NO DRILLING REQUIRED!
Detailed assembly instructions included
Summary A great entry level instrument. Goes together well, plays well and looks good! Even better. Improved electronics, hardware. The parts for an awesome instrument. You won’t be disappointed with the quality. Great pickups, hardware, body and neck/fret work.