Custom Design

Alloy Guitars can produce your dream instrument! We can take your drawings in almost any form, convert them to CAD models, and produce guitars for you. We have extensive experience doing this sort of design and manufacturing for a variety of builders. We can produce almost anything you want. Please contact us to discuss your project.


Our engineering and production facility is located in Portland, Oregon, USA. We have the equipment, tooling and materials to build instruments for you economically and efficiently. We help many smaller builders to reduce their costs, improve quality and reliability, minimize inventory and staffing requirements, and take their sales and profits to the next level.

We can also source parts and configure everything for you to do the final finishing and build out work for your customers. We can source a huge variety of parts and electronics, allowing you to configure your guitars exactly how you need them. This lets you spend your time and effort in the place where it matters most to your business and your brand – distinguishing your offerings based on your customers needs.

We are happy to work with you on small batches or large – and we are very responsive to your timelines!

General Design Process

Our work to produce parts based on your design ideas looks like this:

  • You provide us with your drawings (in whatever for you have them).
  • We import your file or scan your drawing into our CAD systems.
  • We clean up the drawings to ready them for production. As part of this work, we use standard components such as pickup and neck routes to minimize your costs and make your design compatible with more parts.
  • We provide you with a “proof” of the design in the form of a digital image or images for you to for review.
  • We modify the design as necessary based on your review.
  • Once you have approved the design, we are ready to produce the instrument!
  • We do the engineering work to produce the CNC/CAM programing for cutting your instrument.
  • We create prototype parts.
  • We send the prototype parts to you for verification.
  • We repeat the design and prototyping as necessary until you are happy.
  • At this point, we can produce your designs economically and in quantity based on your needs. Modifications to the design require little effort (e.g., changing pickup routing).

Custom and OEM Costs

If you contact us with your thoughts, we can give you an estimate of the costs in doing your custom designs, as well as production costs based on the quantities you plan to purchase.

Design and CAD/CAM Engineering Pricing:

  • $75-100/hour typically
  • Common designs which use standard neck and pickup routing usually take a few hours of CAD/CAM work.

Shop and Prototyping Pricing:

  • $75/hour typically
  • A prototype usually takes a few hours of shop time.
  • Prototype parts are priced similarly to production parts.