Inlay Materials

We offer a variety of inlay materials:

Type Available Colors Shapes Photos
Plastic Black, White All
Mother of Pearl (MOP) Black, White, Gold, Green (Paua Abalone) Dots only
Pearloid Black, White, Gold, Blue, Red, Green All except dots
Glow In The Dark Green Dots Only

Inlay Shapes

We offer a variety of inlay shapes:

Fretboard Inlay Shape Picture Available Materials
Dots Plastic, MOP, Glow In the Dark
Rectangles   Plastic, Pearloid
Trapezoids   Plastic, Pearloid
Shark Fins   Plastic, Pearloid
Double Triangles   Plastic, Pearloid

Side Dots

Side dot material depends on the type of Inlay material used:

Inlay materials Side Dot material
Plastic Matching Plastic
MOP Matching MOP
Pearloid Plastic (black or white)
Glow In The Dark Matching Glow In The Dark